Saturday, March 10, 2007

Um.... Timetable of Events(Subject to change dependent on alcohol consumption...)

Finally feel we can commit to some sort of a proper timetable, but as anyone who has come here before will know, this can all change as we get drunk/tired/fall over...

Friday 16th:
8pm Tonehenge, St. Stephens Green(N/E corner)
The Bull Run, 33 Steve's bovine themed alleycat. The 1st of our season and sure to be hotly contended.

After party possibly in Carnival on Wexford St., we're waiting for confirmation of our booking, if not this night then we definitely have it booked for Saturday, I'll let ye know.

Saturday 17th:
2pm Wilton Place
Sprints(with added corners!!!), Skids!, Circles! Trackstand!

6pm The Factory 35a Barrow St.
Out-of-towners alleycat. This one is a favourite with all the in-towners as well, although
they are just competing for pride, they aren't eligible for any schwag. The route remains
the same every year, a straight shot up and down the quays, making it difficult for our visitors to get lost(difficult, but not impossible...).
Winner of this gets the coveted Mel Gibson Logistical Challenge Trophy, and must return the next year to defend it(or at least post it back to us...).

There will be a few games of 'money where your mouth is' footdown before or after the race too, so bring your euros and body armour.

After party again to be confirmed, maybe Carnival, maybe Voodoo lounge, maybe we'll go crowd surfing in my living room again... we'll see.

2am?3am?4am? Traditional Bull Island Group Ride.

For the hardcore among us, our yearly ride to Bull Island to bask in the glorious cold and darkness. For the hard of constitution only, but definitely something that has to be experienced.

Sunday 18th:
2pm Eamon Ceannt Park, Sundrive Road. Velodrome racing.

This was a great success last year. A few hours of sprints, pursuits, miss and out, and whatever other races we can physically manage at this stage.

Hope to get some polo going after the track, gotta scout a location near the velodrome, I'll update as soon as I know.

6.30pm Fireworks! Always a nice way to round things off, we'll find a good vantage point to watch the citys big fireworks display, who doesn't like fireworks!

Final party should be in the Village on Wexford St. Rock 'n' Roll karaoke. I had no voice and was in bed at this stage last year, but I've seen the pictures and it seems a perfect way to end the partying. Don't forget monday is a Bank Holiday so don't fret about having to get up for work!!!

I'll update this when things are locked down for sure so check back often.
See you all next week! I'm sooooo excited!!!!!!

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